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Confronting Family Mockery As A Pet Sitter

We can’t all be lawyers or doctors, is absurd to think that. But of course, somebody needs to take care of the pets of such lawyers and doctors.  But what do you do when a family member looks at you like you are a loser because you have chosen your career to be a pet sitter.


Something you can do is give your career a fancy name. Instead of being a pet sitter, you can tell them you are a “pet care business owner” or a “pet based entrepreneur” all these things sound way more “interesting” in the eyes of people who get mesmerized by fancy positions. Is also a more vague term that could mean anything, so you won’t get into details and they don’t get a chance to judge your decisions.

For the persistent people who mock you and belittle you, you can always punch them in the face (joking, please don’t use violence). If somebody is really insisting, mocking and even insulting your career choices sometimes silence is better. Silence is better than words when your success speaks for itself. You can show them the numbers. If you are comfortable with this, let them know how much you are making and why is a profitable business not many people think about. You are pursuing your dream, doing something you are passionate about and turning your hobby into a full-time income. How many can say they are being paid for doing what they love?



“You are a pet sitter? When will you find a real job?”  -Annoying Family Members

But the best advice I can give you  is simply not to care. You shouldn’t care about what people think of you now. Because they mock you now, but once you are an established successful business they will beg to know what you did to make it happen.

Start making your career choices as important as you want them to be. Don’t say thinks like “this is something temporary” “let’s see how this goes” “this is just a hobby I do on the side” and expect people to respect your business! Talk about it like it’s the most accomplished thing you have done. Be proud of your career. If you are not proud of it, how can you expect others to be proud of you as well?




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Do You Need A Dog Walker?

With the hectic day-to-day lives we live today you might not get a chance to walk your dog. It’s understandable, we all get 24 hours a day and with a million things to do every bit of help we get makes a big difference!

You could be thinking you would never need a pet sitter to walk your dog, but it’s a good idea to have a backup for when things happen. If you have a family emergency, get injured, are stuck in traffic, your boss wants you to stay late or simply want to focus on something else for the day your pet can still get the exercise it needs.


Because a dog needs exercise, it should be a daily priority. Don’t opt to skip daily exercise for you dog, it might not end well. The main reason a dog should exercise daily is his health. Dogs who don’t exercise get overweight and overweight dogs develop many health problems. Also, walking your dog keeps their stress levels down. A stressed dog will end up  chewing trough everything! Your shoes, your furniture and even your walls if you give him enough time.

It’s normal not to have time everyday to walk your dog, getting help is the best option. There are many services you can use to get a dog walker, but I recommend those who let you use the same walker every time. It’s better for your dog to form a bond with the walker instead of a having different stranger coming to your house every time.  This way you don’t have to worry about the stranger and the dog. “Will my dog like the walker today?” or “Will the walker for today be good to my dog?” are questions you won’t have to ask yourself if you get the same dog walker everyday!


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Pet Boarding: The Big Difference Between Kennels and Pet Sitters

There is much to say about the differences between a kennel and a pet sitter. This article will focus on understanding the difference between a kennel boarding or a pet sitter boarding. Even if the concept is the same, both services end up being very different.  The term boarding refers to when you take your pet to a place and they take care of your pet in such place.

 What is the difference then?

A kennel is more commercialized, they have a lot of cages for the dogs, hired staff and a building specifically for this service. On the other hand the pet sitter is more customized, it feels more cozy. The pet sitter is the same person always and doing this in their own home.

A big con of a kennel if the staff they hire. Some work in the morning, some work at night. With free days and firing staff on top of this, there is a big chance your will not see the same person twice! This leaves no time to bond with anybody and the fear of being surrounded by strangers at all times.

A kennel also takes too much pets, way more than a pet sitter would. Mainly because a house is gonna be smaller than a kennel and the pet sitter knowns the limit of how many pets it can take without being overwhelmed.

Kennels don’t have much room for personalization for a pet care. And it makes sense for their business, they have so much pets it’s not profitable to customize the care for each pet. A pet sitter has fewer animals and room for more customization. If your pet has any allergies, needs a special diet, walking alone or favorite toys, a pet sitter is a better fit.

There is a study made back in 2014 that shows how a dog behavior is affected in a kennel cage. Even highly trained police dogs showed mental illness behavior once confined in a kennel cage.   The study concludes their behavioral change was influenced by the dog’s personality. This indicated that not all pets are fit for a kennel.


I recently took care of a dog that was left on a kennel on past occasions and it got so bad he stopped eating, he was barking so much he lost his voice and lost a lot of weight to the point they had to call a vet. It was the environment of the kennel. Imagine a very old dog that lives in a farm with a beautiful pond and with all the attention to him. Suddenly he is in a place with very little place to run, caged most of the time, competing with 40 other dogs for attention. Of course he is not gonna do well in a kennel when he has a paradise back home. So, the owners tried a pet sitter to see if the dog would do better and it did!
If you want a commercial option you can try a kennel. But if what you are looking for is a long-term place where the person caring for your pet has a bond with your pet, and knows your pet like its own, then a pet sitter is the option for you.


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3 Amazing Toys For “Toy Destroyer” Dogs

A recent drop-in visit with a new client caught me off guard. After asking where his toy basket was he replied, “He doesn’t have any toys, they never last more than 5 minutes!” To be honest I didn’t know what to do, how do I keep a dog entertained without any toys around? So I started doing my research and I found out what toys work best for toy destroyer dogs. I will now be prepared for the next visit and I bet the dog will have a blast!

dogtoydestroyToys to Avoid

If you don’t want to come home everyday to clean the remaining of the stuffed animals, avoid this type of toys. These soft toys usually have a squeaker inside that motivates the dog to find it, and they do find it!  (picture from Instagram)

Other toys that don’t do well with destroyer dogs are toys made out of thin materials or soft ropes. And since they will destroy all toys, avoid using mechanical toys or battery operated toys. They will think the battery or plug is also a toy and it could end very badly.  A good rule to follow is to never leave your dog alone with a new toy, watch him closely and take the toy away if you see the inevitable about to happen. Only leave your dog alone with toys you know have survived him or her before.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your dog without any toys. Imagine being alone all day bored out of your mind. If you don’t give your dog a toy, it will find anything to play with, your chairs, your table, your walls… and it won’t be fun for you!


Toys To Try

Finding what toys will work for your dog will be a lot of trial and error, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be worth it.  These toys designed for toy destroyers are must haves for any happy dog.  Try shopping for toys made out of thick materials and without a squeaker.  Edibles make great toys for chewers because they are meant to be destroyed and eaten. Toys that require two players are a good option too as long as your dogs are not toy possessive.

For the Non-Stop Chewer – West Paw Bumi

The Bumi is the perfect toy for the active chewer. Made in the U.S.A from a flexible and durable material that stretches twice is length. It bounces, it floats and it is dishwasher safe! Can be used to play fetch, tug-o-war and as a pool toy. Get yours for less than $20


For The Hyper Jumper – Doggy Incredibubbles

What about a toy that is meant to be destroyed? Dogs go crazy for bubbles, they run, jump and beg for more bubbles! This bubbles are specifically designed to be safe for dog consumption. Peach flavored and non-toxic for hours of fun without none of the worries. They will love to destroy all the bubbles! Get yours for only $8.95

For The Treat Lover – Bristle Bone

The best thing you can give a dog that destroys all toys, is a toy they can actually eat! It gives them the freedom of chewing to their hearts content and destroying it is part of the toy’s purpose. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that if they eat it, it’s totally ok! Get yours for less than $8.00


tough chew toysMore toys that will survive your dog!

All the toys from this post come from and contain affiliate links. Please click any of the links to purchase this incredible toys, it’s free to click the links and it will help support this blog.

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My Favorite Thing After This 4th Of July

I must confess I enjoy a little bit more the 5th of July. I know it sounds weird, but I have a valid reason. No, not because of the leftover food, or how funny hangover people are. My favorite thing about the day after 4th of July is the pet pictures! I don’t know if it is the heat, the food or the booze, but something about the festive holiday make people take the most creative pictures of their pets, and I, a pet lover, enjoy every minute of it! As long as the pets are safe and comfortable, of course. So I thought I could share my favorite pictures of this years 4th of July!


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.14.48 AM

This is what I’m talking about, the costumes, the background, the ability to make 3 dogs pose and look super cute! I wonder how many tries it took to get this cute picture?(Instagram: shelbyandcoby)


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.23.18 AM.png

Who said cats can’t be patriotic? They are always ready to Purrrty!  (Instagram: edgarandbijou)




Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.14.19 AM.png

Even dogs can celebrate freedom! A hotdog costume or a top hat would have made this picture perfect! Do you agree? (Instagram: daisyfeatherbotum)


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.14.40 AM.png

How adorable is this little girl and boston terrier! They have perfect matching outfits, I love it! The dog is trying to hard not to look at the ice cream and I think is the cutest thing ever! (Instagram: holdfaststitching)


I could go on and on showing you all the cute pictures people have posted, but it would take me hours and I have thing to do! But you could just go to Instagram yourself and look them up! I used the “4thOfJulyPets” tag and awed myself through the night, giggling like a little girl. If you want to share your 4th of July pet pictures with me you still can! Send them trough my Facebook Page.


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3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th Of July

4th of July is one of the most anticipated holidays in the United States, Christmas being number one on the list. And what’s not to like about this holiday? Great weather, amazing food and BIG LOUD FIREWORKS!  Everybody has a good time at the party, except your pets. It can be a terrifying experience for your four-legged ones if you don’t plan ahead and make sure they are safe and comfortable while you party with family and friends.

Here is three things you can do before and during your 4th of July party so your pets have a good time as well:

fireworks-879461_12801.  Skip The Fireworks

Let’s not kid ourselves, we can’t control everybody’s party in the neighborhood, but at least we can control our own party (for the most part). Something you can do is try using fewer fireworks. It’s not about quantity but quality. I’m sure your friends and family would still have a good time if you only use 5 fireworks instead of 30. You can also opt for quiet fireworks, yes they are a real thing. Ask for quiet fireworks at the store and if they are not available you can always buy them online. Google “Quiet Fireworks Online Store” and you can find plenty of options. Another thing you could consider is watching somebody else’s fireworks. There will be a lot of people celebrating this 4th of July, I bet that if you step outside in the right spot, you can see your neighbor’s firework show. I know that is what I will be doing.



pug-1210025_12802.  Prepare A Secure Place

Planning ahead makes sure a great party doesn’t turn into a disaster party. So pick a room in the house to turn into the “emergency secure room”. It can be a room far away from where the party is set or the basement. Grab a thick blanket, the pet’s bed, a shirt with your smell, food, water, treats and a couple of toys. If you can include a TV or a radio to make some white noise it works ever better! It’s important there is nothing dangerous in the room like glass or important stuff like a family album. This way it can’t get hurt or find something important to chew on. Before the fireworks start make sure the dog is in the secure place you have prepared with a cartoon movie or nice music and plenty of chew toys.


grill-1599032_12803.  Keep An Eye On The Food

If you want to keep your dog in the party there is something you should consider… keep an eye on people’s plates! With everybody talking, dancing and having a good time it is hard to see what your dog is doing. If you are not careful your dog can end up eating those chocolate cupcakes, the guacamole dip or the grapes in the fruit platter! And these things are VERY DANGEROUS for a dog to eat! The party could end with a trip to the vet if you are not careful, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. A good tip you can use at any party is to  raise all food to the counters  or high tables. If your dog is small enough it won’t be a blessing to reach. For bigger dogs you can use baby gates to restrain his access to the food area. Involving other people can save you big headaches. If you tell all friends and family to keep an eye on your dog and avoid leaving their plates where the dog can get to it you will have less to worry about. Something nice you can do so your dog doesn’t feel left out and people are not so tempted to feed him leftover or BBQ pieces is to purchase festive dog treats everybody can feed your dog. Now be careful on how many treats your dog eats! Too much can upset their stomachs.

I hope this three things help you plan a better, and safer 4th of July party that your dog can enjoy. It will make your dog’s day less scary and you can have a better time at the party without worrying about your dog. Let me know how you are going to celebrate this 4th of July and I would love to see pictures! You can share them trough my Facebook Page .

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Welcome! I’m Daya, a pet sitter in Pennsylvania with a passion for animals. I’ve always loved animals, if it wasn’t for my mother I probably would have taken WAY more pets than I did while growing up. She used to tell me “when you have your own house you can have a whole zoo if you want” and now that I have my own house, I started a pet sitting business instead. Is just like having hundreds of animals!

So, what it the purpose of this blog?

  1. To  share my adventures as a pet sitter with my readers.
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