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Do You Need A Dog Walker?

With the hectic day-to-day lives we live today you might not get a chance to walk your dog. It’s understandable, we all get 24 hours a day and with a million things to do every bit of help we get makes a big difference!

You could be thinking you would never need a pet sitter to walk your dog, but it’s a good idea to have a backup for when things happen. If you have a family emergency, get injured, are stuck in traffic, your boss wants you to stay late or simply want to focus on something else for the day your pet can still get the exercise it needs.


Because a dog needs exercise, it should be a daily priority. Don’t opt to skip daily exercise for you dog, it might not end well. The main reason a dog should exercise daily is his health. Dogs who don’t exercise get overweight and overweight dogs develop many health problems. Also, walking your dog keeps their stress levels down. A stressed dog will end up  chewing trough everything! Your shoes, your furniture and even your walls if you give him enough time.

It’s normal not to have time everyday to walk your dog, getting help is the best option. There are many services you can use to get a dog walker, but I recommend those who let you use the same walker every time. It’s better for your dog to form a bond with the walker instead of a having different stranger coming to your house every time.  This way you don’t have to worry about the stranger and the dog. “Will my dog like the walker today?” or “Will the walker for today be good to my dog?” are questions you won’t have to ask yourself if you get the same dog walker everyday!


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Pet Boarding: The Big Difference Between Kennels and Pet Sitters

There is much to say about the differences between a kennel and a pet sitter. This article will focus on understanding the difference between a kennel boarding or a pet sitter boarding. Even if the concept is the same, both services end up being very different.  The term boarding refers to when you take your pet to a place and they take care of your pet in such place.

 What is the difference then?

A kennel is more commercialized, they have a lot of cages for the dogs, hired staff and a building specifically for this service. On the other hand the pet sitter is more customized, it feels more cozy. The pet sitter is the same person always and doing this in their own home.

A big con of a kennel if the staff they hire. Some work in the morning, some work at night. With free days and firing staff on top of this, there is a big chance your will not see the same person twice! This leaves no time to bond with anybody and the fear of being surrounded by strangers at all times.

A kennel also takes too much pets, way more than a pet sitter would. Mainly because a house is gonna be smaller than a kennel and the pet sitter knowns the limit of how many pets it can take without being overwhelmed.

Kennels don’t have much room for personalization for a pet care. And it makes sense for their business, they have so much pets it’s not profitable to customize the care for each pet. A pet sitter has fewer animals and room for more customization. If your pet has any allergies, needs a special diet, walking alone or favorite toys, a pet sitter is a better fit.

There is a study made back in 2014 that shows how a dog behavior is affected in a kennel cage. Even highly trained police dogs showed mental illness behavior once confined in a kennel cage.   The study concludes their behavioral change was influenced by the dog’s personality. This indicated that not all pets are fit for a kennel.


I recently took care of a dog that was left on a kennel on past occasions and it got so bad he stopped eating, he was barking so much he lost his voice and lost a lot of weight to the point they had to call a vet. It was the environment of the kennel. Imagine a very old dog that lives in a farm with a beautiful pond and with all the attention to him. Suddenly he is in a place with very little place to run, caged most of the time, competing with 40 other dogs for attention. Of course he is not gonna do well in a kennel when he has a paradise back home. So, the owners tried a pet sitter to see if the dog would do better and it did!
If you want a commercial option you can try a kennel. But if what you are looking for is a long-term place where the person caring for your pet has a bond with your pet, and knows your pet like its own, then a pet sitter is the option for you.


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