For Pet Sitters

Confronting Family Mockery As A Pet Sitter

We can’t all be lawyers or doctors, is absurd to think that. But of course, somebody needs to take care of the pets of such lawyers and doctors.  But what do you do when a family member looks at you like you are a loser because you have chosen your career to be a pet sitter.


Something you can do is give your career a fancy name. Instead of being a pet sitter, you can tell them you are a “pet care business owner” or a “pet based entrepreneur” all these things sound way more “interesting” in the eyes of people who get mesmerized by fancy positions. Is also a more vague term that could mean anything, so you won’t get into details and they don’t get a chance to judge your decisions.

For the persistent people who mock you and belittle you, you can always punch them in the face (joking, please don’t use violence). If somebody is really insisting, mocking and even insulting your career choices sometimes silence is better. Silence is better than words when your success speaks for itself. You can show them the numbers. If you are comfortable with this, let them know how much you are making and why is a profitable business not many people think about. You are pursuing your dream, doing something you are passionate about and turning your hobby into a full-time income. How many can say they are being paid for doing what they love?



“You are a pet sitter? When will you find a real job?”  -Annoying Family Members

But the best advice I can give you  is simply not to care. You shouldn’t care about what people think of you now. Because they mock you now, but once you are an established successful business they will beg to know what you did to make it happen.

Start making your career choices as important as you want them to be. Don’t say thinks like “this is something temporary” “let’s see how this goes” “this is just a hobby I do on the side” and expect people to respect your business! Talk about it like it’s the most accomplished thing you have done. Be proud of your career. If you are not proud of it, how can you expect others to be proud of you as well?