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3 Amazing Toys For “Toy Destroyer” Dogs

A recent drop-in visit with a new client caught me off guard. After asking where his toy basket was he replied, “He doesn’t have any toys, they never last more than 5 minutes!” To be honest I didn’t know what to do, how do I keep a dog entertained without any toys around? So I started doing my research and I found out what toys work best for toy destroyer dogs. I will now be prepared for the next visit and I bet the dog will have a blast!

dogtoydestroyToys to Avoid

If you don’t want to come home everyday to clean the remaining of the stuffed animals, avoid this type of toys. These soft toys usually have a squeaker inside that motivates the dog to find it, and they do find it!  (picture from Instagram)

Other toys that don’t do well with destroyer dogs are toys made out of thin materials or soft ropes. And since they will destroy all toys, avoid using mechanical toys or battery operated toys. They will think the battery or plug is also a toy and it could end very badly.  A good rule to follow is to never leave your dog alone with a new toy, watch him closely and take the toy away if you see the inevitable about to happen. Only leave your dog alone with toys you know have survived him or her before.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your dog without any toys. Imagine being alone all day bored out of your mind. If you don’t give your dog a toy, it will find anything to play with, your chairs, your table, your walls… and it won’t be fun for you!


Toys To Try

Finding what toys will work for your dog will be a lot of trial and error, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be worth it.  These toys designed for toy destroyers are must haves for any happy dog.  Try shopping for toys made out of thick materials and without a squeaker.  Edibles make great toys for chewers because they are meant to be destroyed and eaten. Toys that require two players are a good option too as long as your dogs are not toy possessive.

For the Non-Stop Chewer – West Paw Bumi

The Bumi is the perfect toy for the active chewer. Made in the U.S.A from a flexible and durable material that stretches twice is length. It bounces, it floats and it is dishwasher safe! Can be used to play fetch, tug-o-war and as a pool toy. Get yours for less than $20


For The Hyper Jumper – Doggy Incredibubbles

What about a toy that is meant to be destroyed? Dogs go crazy for bubbles, they run, jump and beg for more bubbles! This bubbles are specifically designed to be safe for dog consumption. Peach flavored and non-toxic for hours of fun without none of the worries. They will love to destroy all the bubbles! Get yours for only $8.95

For The Treat Lover – Bristle Bone

The best thing you can give a dog that destroys all toys, is a toy they can actually eat! It gives them the freedom of chewing to their hearts content and destroying it is part of the toy’s purpose. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that if they eat it, it’s totally ok! Get yours for less than $8.00


tough chew toysMore toys that will survive your dog!

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